Last night the Metropolitan Opera presented a stream of Manon and we couldn’t help but be taken by the Belle Époque masterpiece. Here’s our list of essential clips from Massenet heartrending opéra comique.

10.  Pretty Yende offers an unusually subdued interpretation of Manon’s “gavotte” in Vincent Huguet’s staging for the Paris Opéra, conducted by Dan Ettinger in 2020. —FPD

9. The underappreciated Mexican tenor Francisco Araiza shows off his elegant but edgy lyricism in “Ah fuyez, douce image.” —LTG 

8. Beverly Sills famously called Manon “the French Isolde” and the soprano manages to summon more than a hint of that dramatic power in this clip of “Adieu, notre petite table.” —AW

Read the complete list via Opera News.